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Chores and More Errand Service, LLC

for CBD pricing!

We offer free delivery in our local area

or free shipping on all CBD sales.

Prices are GUARANTEED LOWEST - please inquire

Our best seller is Charlotte's Web CBD!


Our errand running prices vary from...

$5 - $15 per errand


$12 - $20 for chores



First signature per person $5.00. Then $2.00 for each signature thereafter

Clerical fee $5.00 

No mileage fees up to 10 mile radius/50 cents per mile over 10 mile radius

Chores and More Errand Service LLC Dallastown offers a wide variety of helpful services. Our errand running services are diverse so please ask about all that we can help you with. Weller Mobile Notary services are convenient for those who can't get out to come see us, such as nursing homes, home bound and any business who can't afford to leave the office. As a mobile notary, we can visit your location so you don't have to go anywhere! As a certified health, wellness and nutrition coach we can offer help for your well being and with that we can incorporate our CBS sales. All of our CBS products have a guaranteed analysis report so you don't need to worry what is in our CBD products and they are highly rated professional products.

Chores and More Errand Service LLC Dallastown, PA.....Lending a helping hand!

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